Reno Rail Trail

Reno Rail Trail Rules adopted in City Ordinance No. 1432.1

1. The trails property is open from dawn until dusk and for purposes of enforcement this shall be determined from the hours of sunrise to sunset as determined by the National Weather Service. There shall be a curfew on the trails property in the nocturnal hours between sunset and sunrise. 

2. No motorized vehicles shall be permitted on the trails property with the exception of emergency vehicles operating in their official capacity.

3. No glass containers or bottles shall be permitted on the trails premises and littering will otherwise be enforced consistent with the applicable laws with the State of Texas. This shall be understood to include all littering and illegal dumping laws of the State.

4. Traffic on the trails shall be a two-way traffic system and those participating on the trails surface are mandated to stay on the right side of the trail or track while walking, standing or riding.

5. All bicycles must follow the safety and road rules as established by the Texas Transportation Code or other regulatory laws in the State of Texas.

6. Speed limit on the trail is sixteen (16) miles per hour.

7. No animals are allowed on the trail property, except domestic dogs on leash.

8. Dogs owners/walkers must be 14 years of age or older and the animal must be current on all required vaccinations. The dog cannot wander more than 6 ft. off the walking track, and the owner/walker is responsible for safety and hygiene of the dog including clean up of dog feces. 

In addition to the above regulations, which are enforceable by ordinance and citation, the City of Reno makes the following suggestions to those individuals who wish to use the trail property.

a. Do not to travel alone

b. Do carry a cell phone with you at all times

c. Be courteous, yet cautious

d. For emergencies dial 911

e. Dog owners / walkers must be aware of the impact of their animal on other trail users and the environment and avoid allowing or creating a nuisance with the animal.